Before I moved from Warren Street to this neighborhood, I felt this area would show me more of London than the Skyline of the own city does. I am not here to exaggerate the convergence of the culture, I am here to explain how I am feeling within this new place without parking in the sideline any of the London’s neighborhoods, as each is different, growing up with similitudes but in their own geography and past history, and everyone should have this in mind.

More lucky than not, I fall down in this area, and now I have discovered new places to go and discover art, at this point the main theme for me, and a motivated comunity who looks to inspire people from this area and the rest of them to came and enjoy the social happenings of Peckham.

At this point I may say I have got inspired to dedicated the name of my blog to this occurrence, even if I am still in love with Fitzrovia, my previous neighbordhood  ❤ London


Post Script: if you want to have an idea about the new Co-Design of Peckham follow them on twitter (@PeckhamCoDesign ), or came to the pop up place at Peckham.


WELCOME to my blog.



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