Is summer over?

Have you ever thought about how enjoying any taste of summer being surrounded of rain and cold weather here in London? Well, there are some possibilities of cheating your brain delighting ourselves with warm pictures as Qi Baishi or David Hockney, or instalations as the one hold in Hanmi Gallyer of Jeehee Park, The Fruit Battery, 2014. Also accompanied by a good soon.

Play this song again Sam and Let’s dive one more time before coming back to the reality!

Qi Baishi (齐白石)

Frank HyderRed Pair, 2013Acrylic, metal leaf and resin on board51 x 41 cm Rebecca Hossack Gallery


Rosie Irvine. Untitle. Jelouse Gallery

Anna Barlow Cushion Dream on My Place 2013, Ceramic, 40x35x35cm Sream Gallery

Jo Hogan. X-Ray Specs. Jelouse Gallery

Pool With Two Figures. David Hockney


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