Isabelle Cornaro at South London Gallery

Dear reader,

here you go some pictures of my passage throught the Isabelle Cornaro exhibition at South London Gallery. I invite you to have a look before it will finish (5 apr 2015) and exploring in your own way the two-part solo exhibition by this French artist.

Thus is that I found myself in the main room of the gallery having a look on the big wood which was just laying down like an obstacle in my way.

Isabelle Cornaro at the South London Gallery, 2015

Isabelle Cornaro at the South London Gallery, 2015

Then I pictured the place vertically, from the botton of the room to the bright ceiling which was doing the golds colors be shining… I was maybe trying to expect something to happend between those walls, but nevertheless everything was quiet and in contrast between themselves; some stunning pedestals holding ancient likes pieces, but at the same time there were this rolled carpets waiting to be removed…

IMG_8128IMG_8131   IMG_8130IMG_8135 IMG_8136

Differents lights, shapes, sizes, shadows and lines is the landscape drawn by Isabelle Cornaro, the ancient and the modern coming together to checkmate the culture value and the contemporary aesthetic in this World.

Inspired by Nicolas Poussin (1594-1665), Isabelle seems to situated us inside of Poussin´s classical landscapes, where ancient ruins and classical imaginery are sourrending the visitants where they just find some obstacles in their ways through the passages in the perspective of the picture, always proyected with clarity, logic and order.

Hermit Among the Ruins. Nicolas Poussin, Museo Nacional de El Prado, Madrid.

Hermit Among the Ruins. Nicolas Poussin, Museo Nacional de El Prado, Madrid.

Some western perception are examinated at the second floor on the projected videos, were this artists but also art historian specialized at XVI Century, want to ask us about this personal objects which have been building memories and societies along the time… IMG_8139 IMG_8141

The almost overthrow at the end of the film of the scenario that hosts those banksnotes, coins, ancient pieces… Is telling me to put a side my values, to put together my little knowledge and think about how the context could affect to this objects, how the museums hosts thousand of ancient objects out of their meanings, what´s the way to expose it? How is the way to value ancient art? Is ancient objects art? Is contemporary art, art?

Tell me.

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Contrasting Materials: Francesca Pompei

Coins, Bank Notes , Cottages, Skyscrapers… Diversities in their materials and compositions, ethics and destinations. where a single coin will became a bank notes increasing its number. A cottage will be a Skyscrapers if you would overlap some more on top of the original. Simple as you read, simply as to have some.

Creation and destruction, forcing to be, forcing to not to be, here we go with a city portrait in their contrasting materials.

Today we discover Francesca Pompei, with her solo instrumental camera catching the soul of the attempting houses to upgrade its installation, while firming pyramids are standing, observing the low society. Stairs to the succes where the night doesn’t stop them the money growth, or imperial Theatres vs hidden doors at the street line.

Francesca Pompei, Desloation The tractor.

Francesca Pompei, Desloation The tractor.

Francesca Pompei, The Dark Side of The Moon.

Francesca Pompei, The Dark Side of The Moon.

Francesca Pompei, Volksbuhne.

Francesca Pompei, Volksbuhne.

Francesca Pompei, White Door.

Francesca Pompei, White Door.

Francesca Pomepi, Wells Fargo

Francesca Pomepi, Wells Fargo

Francesca Pomepi, The Red House.

Francesca Pomepi, The Red House.

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You can also squeeze out of Frieze Art Fair

Dear all,

As you maybe will know, this week is almost dedicate for the Frieze Art Fair, open to the public from 15-18 October, and invitation-only preview day hold today.

One of the most recognized fair at and out of UK, which has had for the last four years over 60.000 visitors and where the exhibiting galleries represent contemporary art and living artits (Frieze Projects’ programme).

As many of you, I cannot get Frieze London this year, but we can also still enjoying the taste of art outside of it. From the podcasts of all Frieze Talks, Projects and Film to the guide and catalogue of the fair, available from some bookshops or online at  If yoy may also have the possibility of walking at Regents Park, notice that you could find this Frieze Sculpture Park (15-19 October), where you could find the amazing Baby Dinosaur of Matt Johnson, brought by Alison Jacques Gallery.

Baby Dinosaur (Apatosaurus), 2013. Salvaged old growth redwood, and stainless steel. 294.6 x 513.1 x 121.9 cm 116 x 202 x 48 ins

Baby Dinosaur (Apatosaurus), 2013. Salvaged old growth redwood, and stainless steel. 294.6 x 513.1 x 121.9 cm 116 x 202 x 48 ins

At the same time, we can enjoy some other events in relation or not with Frieze.

Long programme of FREE events from 14 – 18 October at the The Old Selfridges Hotel and Selfridges Food Hall.

This Friday 17 of October at Fitzrovia, one of the nicest areas of London,  from 18.00 – 21.00 you could explore for FREE the postmodernity and questions about globalised World from Korean art via Amsterdam and curated by Antoni Ferrer.

  • Saatchi Gallery: Celebrate Pangaea, New Art from Africa and Latin America

Music from Alexis Mercedes and her band, 10 pounds tickets, 17 of October.

A non profit exhibition featuring over 100 artits in Q Park, a unique circular 20.000 Sq. ft from 13/14 to 19 of October.

It seems as we have some plans for this week. I close with some pictures from the preview at WE COULD NOT AGREE

Take peckhamcare

la foto (41)

la foto (42)

la foto (43)

la foto (38)

la foto (45)

We Could Not Agree

Atomic Events at London

I am proud to announce the Cheeky Tiki pop-up tiki bar and the Bespoke Barware gallery at Atomica Gallery. It will take place from the 7th to the 12th of October for this London Cocktail Week.

Cheeky Tiki provides all elements of modern and traditional South Seas style and what it’s called Tiki decor, hitting a complete interior design and also creating small accessories which you can adquired at Atomica Gallery.

Tiki Head

Tretchikoff’s Blue Lady


At this time Atomica will transform the gallery, just during this week, into a real tropical booth paradise where they will offer a nice selection of rum cocktails served in cool mugs as the previous tiki one!!

Some very especial events will be running at this place as some talks about rum by Peter Holland, a blogger from TheFloatingRum or the Every day (Tues-Sun): Rum tastings from a different brand each day – brands include The Real McCoy, Ron Cubay and El Dorado 6pm/£free.

If you want to have a look of the many others events arasing this week at Atomica, have a look at their web or facebook page:



Have a Lovely Tiki Week

The best


Is summer over?

Have you ever thought about how enjoying any taste of summer being surrounded of rain and cold weather here in London? Well, there are some possibilities of cheating your brain delighting ourselves with warm pictures as Qi Baishi or David Hockney, or instalations as the one hold in Hanmi Gallyer of Jeehee Park, The Fruit Battery, 2014. Also accompanied by a good soon.

Play this song again Sam and Let’s dive one more time before coming back to the reality!

Qi Baishi (齐白石)

Frank HyderRed Pair, 2013Acrylic, metal leaf and resin on board51 x 41 cm Rebecca Hossack Gallery


Rosie Irvine. Untitle. Jelouse Gallery

Anna Barlow Cushion Dream on My Place 2013, Ceramic, 40x35x35cm Sream Gallery

Jo Hogan. X-Ray Specs. Jelouse Gallery

Pool With Two Figures. David Hockney



Before I moved from Warren Street to this neighborhood, I felt this area would show me more of London than the Skyline of the own city does. I am not here to exaggerate the convergence of the culture, I am here to explain how I am feeling within this new place without parking in the sideline any of the London’s neighborhoods, as each is different, growing up with similitudes but in their own geography and past history, and everyone should have this in mind.

More lucky than not, I fall down in this area, and now I have discovered new places to go and discover art, at this point the main theme for me, and a motivated comunity who looks to inspire people from this area and the rest of them to came and enjoy the social happenings of Peckham.

At this point I may say I have got inspired to dedicated the name of my blog to this occurrence, even if I am still in love with Fitzrovia, my previous neighbordhood  ❤ London


Post Script: if you want to have an idea about the new Co-Design of Peckham follow them on twitter (@PeckhamCoDesign ), or came to the pop up place at Peckham.


WELCOME to my blog.